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Redevelop the past to make the future more responsiblebalancedsustainable

We will be with you throughout the entire redevelopment process.

Redevelopment is important for all of us

Our vision is to transform properties into smart, sustainable environments, offering state-of-the-art solutions that enhance daily life. We are committed to providing advanced technology, connectivity, and automation for efficient, safe, and comfortable facilities, contributing to our well-being and the planet.
The process

By your side from start to finish

01 / Initial analysis

We carefully assess your needs to optimize implementation time and costs, offering the best technology solutions.

02 / Design

We create a customized project specifically tailored to your needs, adding tangible value to your property.

03 / Supply

We recommend the latest cutting-edge technology in the market, ensuring updates and functionality.

04 / Installation

We guarantee a professional installation, thanks to our helpful qualified technicians.






Home Automation


Energy Saving

Well Certification


Building Automation

Energy Community



Artificial intelligence

Ennexia is your partner that harmoniously combine technology
and functionality to redefine excellence in energy savings
and environmental comfort

Our Offering

Our services
Ennexia Domotic Vision
Ennexia Digital Community
Ennexia Domotic Vision
Our Domotic Vision

Smart Life Solutions.

Makes your home smart with sensors and automation: remote- controlled security, temperature, and more via the app for a comfortable, safe, and efficient environment tailored to your preferences

Energy Reduction

Advanced home automation systems maximize energy efficiency by promoting optimal use of resources and by reducing waste.


Advanced automation ensures optimal security with remote control and notifications, providing a secure environment for enhanced peace of mind


Customization for comfort, safety, and activity. Air quality control, stress reduction, and health monitoring for an improved lifestyle.

Ennexia Digital Community
Our Energy Vision

Digital Community Solution.

Harnessing technology optimizes energy, security, resources, and maintenance , creating a smart, safe, and interconnected environment for the community.

Energy Community

Integrate the digital solution to coordinate energy production, monitor and optimize consumption, fostering the sharing of resources in interconnected digital environments.

Energy Monitoring

Advanced devices monitor and analyze energy consumption, providing real-time data to optimize efficiency, helping you manage and save energy intelligently

Building Automation

Optimize system, integrate security and devices make the space efficient e manageble, providing a smart and comforteble enivironment for daily life.


Digital redevelopment: an advantage

Every phase of real estate redevelopment, from design to digital and physical implementation, is carefully managed, ensuring efficiency and consistency with the latest and best global market technologies.

Energy Efficiency

Efficient management of lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems allows for reduced energy consumption, environmental impact, and cost savings.

Monitoring and Control

The real-time monitoring and control of various building systems from a central station allow immediate data visualization, a prompt response to issues, and efficient problem resolution.

Preventive Maintenance

The system is designed to monitor equipment performance, detect malfunctions, and plan maintenance activities, thereby preventing unwanted breakdowns

Enhanced Comfort

The implementation of a Building Automation system helps maintain comfortable indoor conditions by monitoring and controlling temperature, humidity, and air quality (CO2, VOC, ...).

Enhanced security

Integration of security systems, such as access control and surveillance cameras, providing enhanced building security.

Cost saving

An enivironmental management system helps identify energy 7inefficiencies and empowers users to optimize energy usage thereby reducing costs.

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